The year 2020 gone-by should have been more productive and eventful. But you must have enjoyed and learnt every bit of it by a novel way of learning
The world is changing very fast and getting more competitive and at the same time offering enormous opportunities to those, who possess and utilize
Appropriate skills, right attitude and an innovative mind with dedication and devotion.
Dream big, think big and experiment in the passionate manner whatever you do. Challenge the norms, create new and make your identity. Today we can
Do most things at the click of button, thanks to digital revolution but what we must not forget is that success doesn’t come so easily. It can be achieved
Through hard work, dedication, pushing oneself beyond one’s capabilities, striving for excellence and making use of the best opportunities. If you are
Passionate about something, follow your passion. Surely the success will be at your door-steps.
Expectations of our students are high. I firmly believe that every girl and boy can experience success and go on to graduate as a responsible, resilient
And confident young adult. All of you should be ready to take charge of the future to become a creative and productive member of the society. 
With Love and Affection,

School Management Committee