Venue:  SBSM School

Date:  20thFeb 2020

Representatives   Narinderpal Kaur  and  Prachi



Workshop regarding Happiness Class Room  was heldon 20th Feb 2020 in school premises by Narinderpal Kaur  and Prachi to provide knowledge to the teachers to work in a stress free environment , so that the students are able to develop themselves .

We told the teachers the importance of being stress free and happy in their lives . Some teachers share their experiences about creating happiness and stress free environment in their class room.

The staff enjoyed the workshop.



Venue:  SBSM School

Date:  25thFeb 2020

Representatives   Dr. Jayshree   andMrs. Mamta



Workshop regardingcareer counseling was held on 25th Feb 2020 in school premises by Dr.Jayshree and Ms. Mamta Sharma to provide knowledge to the teachers ,to guidestudents to opt best stream and to help them to choose the carrier after 12thin different streams.

Regarding thisall important information was given for  different courses in various fields.


Venue:  SBSM School

Date:  5th March 2020

Representatives:  Mrs . Anminder  Kaur and Mrs. GurpreetKaur

An interactive workshop session on gender sensitivity was organized by Dr.Anminder  Kaur and Mrs. Gurpreet  Kaur  on5th March 2020, for all the staff members of SBSM.

The workshop mainly focused on gender roles as well as their respective stereotypes, insensitivity in various professions and gender discrimination in books and society in general. The workshop aimed at touching few important parts through activities also.

All in all, the workshop was a success because teachers were actively taking part in the healthy discussion and few even shared their personal experiences regarding the same.

Workshop:Stress Management

Venue: SBSM School

Date: 4th march 2020

Representatives:  Mrs. Ashmita and Ms. Meghana


Stress Management workshop started by Mrs. Ashmita with the introduction the topic.She started workshop with an activity of giving “hugs” to the person sitting next them. She explained about stress, factors causing stress, need of stress,importance of stress, and bad effects of stress on our lives. Later Ms. Meghana continued workshop with the solution of the problem “stress” by various breathing techniques like:

·        Deep breathing exercise (Feeling rise in their bellyand ribs )

·        Equal inhalation and exhalation (with counting)

·        Exhalation of Air with “HA” sound

·        Tightening of muscles and relaxing with breath

Stepsdiscussed to reduce stress:

Ø  Aromatherapy

Ø  Stress relieving hand massage

Ø  Eating chewing gums

Ø  Intake of Vitamin C rich food

Ø  Proper exercise

Ø  Meditation

Ø  Cuddling kids, teddies and pets (if have)

                                                                                Accountancy  workshop

Accountancy workshop  was Organised by SultanChand & Sons(P) Ltd  on Saturday ,27th  April  2019at India Islamic  Cultural  Centre, Lodhi Road. The  workshop  was conducted by Authors & Resource persons CA(Dr.) G. S Grewal & Mr.  R. K Khosla. 1st  Session-Mr. G. S. Grewal  discussed the changes in  syllabus  for  2019-2020,MCQ,various  other topics  related  to writing  off discount  & LOss on issue  of  debentures, treatment  of proposed  dividend  in cash flow statement.

II session- Mr. R. K Khosla  discussed upon  the raising & writing  off selfgenerated  Goodwill, issues  in NPO & conversion  method in Single  Entry  System. The workshop  was very  useful  and would  help  in solving the  questions of  the matters so discussed & would also enhance  the  teaching skills.

The Annual Teacher's Meet By  Hindustan Times PACE 

The Annual Teacher's Meet organised on 29 March '19 by Hindustan Times PACE at Hotel Hyatt Regency held a talk by the well-known motivational speaker Sister Shivani. She aptly focused on the theme 'Role of a teacher in a child's life' and instantly struck a chord with the audience with her calm demeanour and inspirational lessons. The talk was followed by an equally remarkable talk by Shahnaz Husain, the founder of The Shahnaz Husain Group. The event was concluded with a lucky draw for teachers rewarding 5 lucky winners with some excellent prizes.

         International Maths Olympiad

International maths Olympiad was organised on 4 December 2018 within the school premesis. 71 students from 2nd to 10th class  participated in the Olympiad.

workshop on Molecular biology

Sbsm hosted a one day workshop on Molecular biology on 27the november 2018.
The event was organised by EduDAP(discover and apply practical education). EduDAP's hands on training programmes gave students an opportunity to experience the connection between science in the classroom and in life.
Class 11th and 12th biology students participated in the workshop and learnt about new tools,techniques and experiments in biotechnology. Students actively took part in experimental work during the workshop and enjoyed it. The results of experiments were appreciated by the team which organised the workshop. Experiments conducted during the workshop were DNA isolation, DNA purification,  gel electrophoresis and visualisation of DNA.
Students who participated were also awarded by certificates.


Date : Aug. 25 ,2018

Teacher  : Miss Preeti Kumar


Topic  : 'SCRAPBOOK-2018'


Venue :  FICCI Auditorium

Subject matter: - Toencourage the publishers,Teachers and Educators for their contribution. It wasattended by Miss Preeti Kumar. The Session was divided into 5 parts-Highlights of  the Workshop   were :

 # Inaugural Session 
# Role of Publishers 
# Emerging content delivery mechanisms 
# Writing compelling stories for children 
# Global best practices for the 21st century learner

Goals of Workshop


 During the Session, the Educatorssuggested to give full freedom to the children so that  they may doexperiment in Reading. Library must be given due importance in the school. Onthe whole, The Session was quite inspiring and thought-provoking.


Date : Aug. 3 , 2018

workshop attended by          

   Director, Principal , Vice Principal , Teachers & Students  of 9th & 10th


Resource Person :  Delhi Police  


Venue :  Shaheed Bishan SinghMemorial Sr. Sec. School

Subject matter: - Himmat App  & cyber Safety    

Highlights of  the Workshop   were :

üUnder 'track me'facility, the commuters shall be given three time slots to choose from and the GPS tracking shall continue for the selected period.


ü  The app contains cellphone numbers of women and earlier this data was being stored on  

Amazon cloud storage, said a senior police officer.

ü  The Delhi Police has take a slew of measure for safety of women like dedicated anti-stalking cells, Sashakti for self-defence of women and Himmat app.



Date : Aug. 30 , 2018

Teacher  : Mrs. Neera Thakur

Students : For Class XIA Sakshi Kumari  and Class XI B Hemang  Ahuja

                   From (Science Stream)


Resource Person : Mr. Takuno Nishimura , Global Manager, Progate from Japan on   

                              "How Learning Computer Science Is An Important Skill"


Venue :  Maharaja Agarsain Public School , Ashok Vihar

Subject matter: - The workshop was organized in Maharaja Agrasen School

                               "How Learning Computer Science Is An Important Skill"

Highlights of  the Workshop   were :

·    How to make coding skills easy for young learners.

·    Experience to explore a Japanese platform to learn latest programming languages, with back end support.

·    Free access to international programming platform.

·    Useful link and individual login ID for  free certified courses

Goals of Workshop


In order to nurture the computing and coding skills in school students under the aegis  

This will help students to explore modern programming languages and learn it in innovative and easy way.


It is a good initiative taken up by  Mr. Takuno Nishimura , Global Manager, Progate from Japan and Yashraj Nayak ( India Community Manager )