Schools, being the second home, serve several purposes in a child's life. From boosting their confidence to making them learn the importance of education, teamwork, and socialization, schools do it all. Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time. Spacious and refurbished and well- ventilated, classrooms, labs, medical room, Music room, playgrounds, skating rink, wooden badminton court, and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure and all under CCTV surveillance for keeping the safety of our students in mind once they step-in to the school premises.

Scientific   temper  is inculcated  in each child through exploration , observation & discovery.  A hands-on approach is adopted at all developmental stages  leading to conceptual understanding and an inquisitive and analytical mind.

Emphasis is laid on sensitizing the learners to the application of concepts in not only day to day lives but also in the service of humanity and as a major instrument for achieving goals of self reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development.

Science as a stream is introduced for senior classes in a wide ranging program covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It will provide students with a scientific approach to advanced studies, and the students will be exposed to the latest developments by regular visits to Science and Research Centers. 

State-of-the-art labs form the basis of the electronics, space study and other science related activities which propel a child's mind towards innovation and invention..

Since utility costs are one of the few areas of a school's budget that can’t be trimmed without negatively affecting the student experience,growing numbers of administrators are exploring the benefits of solar power for schools.


School facilities are excellent candidates for solar conversion,particularly large campuses spread out over a wide geographic area. For schools, solar panels can easily offset monthly  utility bills. With a larger installation,it may even be possible to switch to 100% renewable energy. In addition, solar energy in schools presents a great teaching opportunity that can enrich class room content with real-world examples of the benefits of renewable energy.

The Visual Arts are an expression of creativity and imagination. It is an outlet for individual thought, visualization exploration of inner creativity, expression of imagination and interpretation of ideas, events and environment.

The endeavour is to infuse a sense of aesthetic appreciation in each child, an ability to enjoy and appreciate beauty. The  elaborate Art room with the finest faculty guide the children to achieve finesse through numerous techniques and History of Art. The student's artistic talent is showcased in periodically held exhibitions and competition .

The School library is a learning resource center in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material and digital data with internet access. The library is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs on a variety of subjects .Children are encouraged to use the Library for reference work to prepare their projects of exams.   The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources.

We make the classroom one of the places where the ideas of the young ones are heard and valued. Maintaining a classroom environment of warmth and acceptance,giving children an opportunity to communicate their knowledge to patient adults, helps solidify concepts.
 The task on hand is to enable the little ones to grasp the spoken and written abilities as well as a sense of reasoning. Providing interesting,play way methods to help engrave each concept in the child’s mind is adequately practiced through various methods and  fully Air Conditioned . Each classroom of the Pre-primary School  has been tailor made to cater to the creative needs of the tiny tots.

The school houses a well equipped  Medical room. Regular Medical checkups are conducted and detailed records of the students are mentioned once  in a year  along with  valuable suggestions by the Doctors.  Students are monitored on the various aspects of diseases ( Health Education ) , first Aid , life style,diet management techniques and stress management   (aided with yoga &  Meditations)  Acupressure,Naturopathy and Spiritual Healing ‘Reiki’.

Music is in soul of Namdhari  students . Our school has a well equipped music room where children  learn vocal and instrumental music . Children are taught to play sitar, violin , Dilruba, Harmonium ,Tabla ,  Banjo , Dholak  and many more. The students have brought  number of laurels to school  in  music .

 The School  has its  own buses. All the buses run on CNG mode .Each bus has a driver ,conductor and transport  in-charge for complete safety and security of the children. First Aid in school buses  is available .

What comes to one's mind when one hears the word 'classroom'? Certainly, a few things that capture our imagination are blackboards, teachers, chalk, and duster. 

But technology never ceases to surprise us with its new transformations and that's where smartboards come into the picture.

It is a classroom blended with technology, enhancing learning and teaching experiences. Technology makes learning more realistic and interesting for the students and equips teachers to teach effectively. 

We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards and Smart Boards. These allow students to interact with the lesson content while supporting teachers to integrate a range of resources with their lessons. The classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students. Most of our classes from kindergarten to senior are now equipped with smartboards with tailor-made information to accomplish the requirement of all the Bishnanians.


Good Communication skills are indispensable for the success of any profession. Language laboratory plays a central role in the language learning process. SBSMS too broad casting  of the state of the art English Lab with innovation tools like digital multimedia control, headsets and microphones to assist the students with the most appropriate pronunciation.The laboratory collection is designed to assist learners in the acquisition and maintenance of aural comprehension, oral and written proficiency and cultural awareness. The language lab offers board casting, television programme , web-assisted material, net connectivity, audio visual aids, tapes , amp and CD’s – for both classics and modern orientation. The multiplication Hi-tech Language Laboratory allows the students to listen to model pronunciation,repeat and record the same, listen to their performance, compare with the self – assessment.

Computers have revolutionized the way we live and work. There is hardly any field in which computers do not play a very significant role. Education has grown beyond learning from textbooks. Due to an increased use of modern technology, we at SBSMS have two well-equipped computer labs with high-speed internet and multiple educational software specially designed, so it must have better sources of information to reach out to every student from the very initial stage of their lives.

The School offers a variety of sports and games  to all students. Courts are provided for Basket ball, Badminton,Volley Ball, a Skating Rink and open grounds for taekwondo, Table Tennis and Hockey . The students are also taken to the sports complex / stadium for better exposure and real life experience. The school aims at all round development of the students, Proportionate emphasis is laid on the physical growth along with academic progress.