On 17th Jan. 1872 at 7am, 66 Namdhari Sikhs cladin white were waiting anxiously to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their beloved motherland , without caringlittle for oppression and tyranny of the British regime at Maler-Kotla, Punjab.

A lad of twelve , son of Sardar Mahan Singh and Sardarni Khem Kaur from thevillage Rarh, Punjab, was the youngest of all patriots. Mrs. Cowan (wife of thethen deputy commissioner of Ludhiana ,Punjab) felt pity & her heart meltedout to see the innocent face of Bishan Singh. Seeing the blooming and innocentface of Bishan Singh, she requested her husband to let the child go. Cowanacceded to his wife's request, provided young Bishan was prepared to say thathe was not the disciple of (Satguru) Ram Singh. Bishan Singh listened to himattentively and expressed his desire to whisper in the ears of Cowan. As soon asCowan bowed down to listen Bishan Singh pounced upon him and in a single leap,caught hold of his long, flowing beard so tightly that Cowan began to shriekand cried for help. The soldiers around Cowan, ran to his rescue , but theirefforts proved futile.

The soldiers beheaded Bishan Singh with their sword andcut his tiny hands to pieces. The hair of Cowan's beard were still seenentangled in the tender fingers of Bishan Singh who became an immortal martyr