Admission Open for 2021-22

Dear Parents and students

I believe that Education is a holistic experience that synergises the growth of body, mind and spirit. Our Founder Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj have always desired to nurture and prepare generations of individuals as the-torch-bearers of tomorrow, who, believe in the strength of their convictions and take pride in being Indian. The teaching here is dynamic and futuristic; therefore, we have realized the need to implement technology in all areas of the functioning of school. At Shaheed Bishan Singh we endeavour to empower our students with new ways of education. In particular we believe that key contribution of English speaking to education is that it can allow the student’s interests, needs, personality become his strengths and drive the learning process, with the instructor facilitating rather than dictating. There is an emergence of a new kind of pedagogy that is focussed on meeting individual needs of student, now a days. The school website and mobile app is another step forward for one to one contact of the parent with school activities and happenings. 

With Best Wishes.
Puja Singhal