Shaheed BishanSingh Memorial Sr. Sec. School, Mansarover Garden celebrated Basant Panchamiwith great fervour to commemorate the birth anniversary of Satguru Ram singhJi.  Basant Panchami is considered to bean auspicious day for Bishnanians. On this pious occasion, the present GuruSatguru Udai Singh Ji blessed the students with his benign presence.  Besides other dignitaries, the schoolChairman Shri H. S. Hanspal also graced the occasion. The program started witha speech on importance of Satguru ji’s teachings  like Jap Prayog or Sodh Maryada in thisPandemic stage. Followed by a choir who recited a beautiful shabad in praise ofSatguru Ram Singh Ji which mesmerised the audience. The shabad was followed bythe Prize Distribution Ceremony in which meritorious students of class X andXII were awarded with various prestigious awards. Apart from Academics,Khushboo Rana of class IX was also awarded for bringing laurels in sports aswell as for getting top positions in National Pencak Silat (Taekwondo) Championship and for her selection inAsian Games.

Manager, Mrs.Satwant Kaur was honored for her astonishing 40 years of working profile andshowing the righteous path for growing immensely.  The programme was culminated by expressingthe heartiest gratitude to the Management as well as the school Principal Mrs.Puja Singhal under whose guidance teachers put in great effort to make theOnline & Offline Mode of Teaching a great success.

A Good Reader, is a Good Learner!

As we all are going through theseunprecedented times where almost everything was put to halt during the 2020,when COVID-19 virus stroke the entire world, the only hope that we had was to normalizethe pace of growth for our future generation.

At this time, we at Shaheed Bishan SinghMemorial Sr Sec School, Mansarover Garden turned adversity into an opportunityunder the leadership of Mrs. Puja Singhal, the principal of the school.


With a step towards digital education whereeverything turned digital and Children almost lost the “school touch” weContinued the traditional way of learning and reading by emulating a physicalLibrary into the digital world through e-learning activities in the libraryclasses

 Weunderstand that Reading, Writing and listening are the most important skillsthat every child should possess, we aimed at up skilling our students byorganizing Reading sessions regularly during the library class and alsoencourage them to write stories, poems, essays etc.

As they say “You can make everything, whenyou start writing”

Here are a few glimpses of our studentspracticing Reading , because a Good Reader will be a Good Leader Indeed !!

MyMother Tongue is Punjabi and I am proud of it!


Shaheed BishanSingh Mem. Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi celebrated “Punjabi Week” at school onDecember 7, 2021 (Tuesday).  Parents ofclass IX and XI were invited to attend the program, and to acquire the divineblessings of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. The magnificentevent was presided over by the Chairman of the school along with a galaxy ofdistinguished members of the School Management. 

The programstarted with the pious shabad in praise of Guru Nank Dev ji, followed by manypoems and stories related to our mother tongue, "Punjabi", spoken bystudents of different classes. This event was aimed at circulating theprominence of the mother tongue among our students and making them aware of theimportance of speaking it in public proudly. The mesmerizing sound ofinstrumental music (amalgamation of different instruments) which was the highlight of the program delved everyone into spirituality.  The programme came to an end with the splendid geets in theadmiration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, which lefteveryone astonished as the collaboration of music and voice of the musicians(our bishnanians) created an aura of real heaven on earth, seeking theblessings from God to keep showering his love on all of us. The Manager, Mrs.Satwant Kaur, addressed about her views and thoughts regarding the program andMrs. Narinder Kaur (Bibi Ji) delivered a speech, giving thanks to the parentsfor making this event successful with their presence. At the end the Chairman,Mr. H.S. Hanspal and Principal, Mrs. Puja Singhal presented the certificate ofparticipation to all the children to encourage and appreciate for all theefforts they have put-in in their performances.


 Show and Tell Competition-2020 

With the aim of providing an opportunity to the students of pre-primary to develop effective communication skills and to build their confidence a ‘show and tell competition’ was organized in the premises of Shaheed Bishan Singh Mem. Sr.Sec. School, Mansarover Garden on 27 and 28 feb,2020. The chief guest of the function was Mrs. Veena Virmani (area councillor ).Mr. Virmani also graced the occasion. They were welcomed with a bouquet of flowers by the honourable Director,Principal,Vice Principal and Bibi Narinder Kaur ji. The judges of the competiton were Mrs.Eesha Gambhir , Mrs Sarabjeet Kaur and Mrs. Alka Sharma.

Show and Tell is an important part of the child’s learning development. It is one ofthe simplest activities that young students can engage in, where the performerfaces the audience with a particular item and proceeds to show it while giving information about it. It’s a great way to encourage child’s interest on a particular topic and a chance to think outside the box. In this competition students brought a number of different objects and used them in an innovative way to describe the props with confidence, facial expressions and voice modulations. There was a very tough competition between the participants.

On the spectacular performance of the students the Director of the school Mrs.Satwant Kaur congratulated them and passed the message in the form of a story that children always imitate their parents and requested them to be   the role model for their children. Few parents appreciated the programme and expressed their happiness about the ecstatic performance   given by their children. In the end, the chief guest Mrs. Veena Virmani appreciated the students for their performance and also congratulated the staff for putting their best endeavors in conducting such enthusiastic activities for children.She was delighted to see the school’s progressive efforts. The principal of the school Mrs. Puja Singhal appreciated the students and requested the parents to let their children grow and learn different values by participating indifferent activities.

In the end the winners were awarded with their prizes. There were three main prizes and 2 consolation prizes for each segment that is: Pre Nursery, Nursery and Prep.Parents appreciated the efforts put in by school authorities to organize such activities. Mr. Shripal Babulal Adani was very pleased to see his child speaking on stage. Such activities provide platform to up bring  

The programme ended with tea and refreshment for parents.


Venue: SBSM School

Date : 10th Feb 2020, 15th Feb  2020 (advance) and 17th Feb  2020 (Mop up day)

Nodal teacher: Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, Ms. Meghana

National Deworming Day Celebrated in Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Senior Secondary School on 10th Feb 2020. Students from classes prep to 11th were dewormed by the tablet Albendazole. Around 330 students were taken the pills.With no causality and problem we conducted this event.

NationalDeworming Day


Venue: SBSM School

Date : 10th feb 2020, 15thfeb 2020 (advance) and 17th feb 2020 (Mop up day)

Nodal teacher: Mrs. Gurpreet kaur, Ms. Meghana


National deworming day celebratedin Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Senior Secondary School on 10th Feb

2020. Students from classes prep to 11th weredewormed by the tablet Albendazole. Around 330 students were taken the pills.With no causality and problem we conducted this event.


An Art and Craftworkshop was conducted at SHAHEED BISHANSINGH Senior Secondary School for the students of classes IV to IX on 22nd and 23rd of November, 2019. Thisworkshop helped the young minds to show their Creativity and build their Confidence.The workshop was held for 2 days under the supervision of the supervisor andschool teachers who guided all the students to create wonderful pieces of ART.

Enthusiasticallyand Energetically studentsparticipated in the workshop and give a positive feedback. The main objectiveof the workshop was to give a platform to the Young and Budding Artist. Varioustechnique of cutting symmetrical patterns like stars, flowers, and diyas etc were also demonstrated. Innovativeideas were sewn in the young fledglings.


An Art and Craft workshop was conducted at SHAHEED BISHAN SINGH Senior Secondary School for the students of classes IV to IX on 22nd and 23rd of November, 2019. This workshop helped the young minds to show their Creativity and build their Confidence.The workshop was held for 2 days under the super visionary  of the supervisor and the school teachers who guided all the students to create wonderful pieces of ART.

Enthusiastically and Energetically students participated in the workshop and give a positive feedback. The main objective of the work shop was to give a platform to the Young and Budding Artist. Various technique of cutting symmetrical patterns like stars,flowers, and diyas etc were also demonstrated. Innovative ideas were sewn in the young fledglings. 

Zonal Taekwondo Championship 2019-20


Shaheed Bishan Singh Mem. Sr. Sec School, Mansarover Garden hosted its First Zonal Taekwondo Competition on 18th, 19th and 21stOctober 2019. Over 186 students from 15 schools participated under 54 categories. The Principal of the school Mrs. Puja Singhal, addressed the gathering and declared the meet open. After a tough competition, the host school was declared the winner by getting 73 medals.

The event culminated with a valedictory ceremony where all the participants received a participation certificates.Winners received their certificates and medals. The coaches and referees were also felicitated for their contribution.

             Tiny Tots Charismatic Performances

Tiny Tots(Bishnanians) of Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Sr.Sec. School, Mansarover Garden mesmerized the Parents/Audience with their Charismatic Performances on 31st,Aug.2019. Mr. Shiv Charan Goyal MLA Kirti Nagar, the Chief Guest of the function appreciated the performances and applauded the efforts of our honourable chairman Sh H S Hanspal in the upliiftment of school.


( 2019 – 2020 )

Music binds our soul,  hearts and emotions. Music is the best way of relaxation. To bring out the singing talent of the students an inter class solo song competition was organised in Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Senior Secondary School, Mansarover Garden on 16th August and 23 August 2019.

Students of class seventh , eighth  and ninth participated in the competition.The theme Of the competition was patriotic songs or poems. The students sang the songs with a lot of passion, confidence and feeling of patriotism. The winners  were well appreciated and rewarded for their excellent efforts.


73rd Independence Day was celebrated  with unprecedented patriotic fervour in the premises of SBSM Sr. Sec. School on 14th August 2019.  Mrs. Veena Vermani (Area Councillor), the Chief Guest of the function was greeted with a bouquet of flowers by our Chairman Shri. H.S. Hanspal ( Chairman of PEDA) , Director Mrs.Satwant kaur and our Principal Mrs. Puja Singhal.  The Guest of Honour, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh SHO Kirti Nagar and Sr. Gurbhej Guraya Secretary Punjabi Academy were welcomed by our Vice Principal and other members of the Management Committee.  After that the National Flag was unfurled by our Chairman along with our Principal Mrs. Puja Singhal.   A short cultural Programme was also organized by all three segments which included speech on Independence Day,patriotic song, enacting freedom fighters and a dance drama on  Pulwama attack by Nursery department mesmerized everyone which depicted one of the deadliest terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir in which 40 CRPF innocent personnel were martyred.  The cultural programme culminated with high spirits of freedom and nationalism.



Students are the best messengers to spread the awareness of the social and global issues and their voice do leave an impact on ones’ mind. To bring out their hidden acting talent and to spread the message,Shaheed Bishan Singh Mem. Sr. Sec. School organized an Inter class Skit Competition for the classes VII, VIII and IX on 25th July and 26th July’2019.  The powerful performances of the budding actors, their confidence as well as enthusiasm was commendable.  The students acted naturally. The joint 

effort and hard work of teachers and students under the guidance of our Principal , was evident as the students performed brilliantly on the stage. Although the event was competitive in nature but the thunderous applause that each team received by the audience was proof that each one of them was winner, as all the skits had conveyed a powerful message.  

                                                                                                                                        26 July’ 2019


We all knowour freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of our country till the lastminute of their life.  So, as a tributeto our National Heroes and to instill the patriotism spirit among the students,Shaheed Bishan Singh Mem. Sr. Sec.School Mansarover Garden organized a three day Enacting Freedom Fighters  Competition from 22 July to 25 July 2019.  Thetheme of the competition was Freedom Fighters.  The Students of class I to VI came dressed upas Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chander Bose, Indira Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai,Sarojini Naidu, Bhagat Singh, Chander Shekhar Azaad and many more. They spoke afew sentences on the character that they depicted.  The effort, confidence and enthusiasm washighly commendable.   The winners fromeach class were selected and got I, II and III rank respectively.    

                                                                                        8th July 2019


Inter class Flag and Kite making competition was conducted on 8th July 2019  for Primary segment each and  every student participated enthusiastically and showed their Talent .

                                                                                                                        6thJune, 2019


REPORT    ( 2019 –2020)

The Investiture ceremony is a symbolic ceremony of handling over duties to youngas pirants.  These children learn thevalues of discipline, good conduct and good behaviour.  This is an empowerment to the students,training them to manage affairs on their own in managing the affairs of the school.


The transferof power and responsibility was done in the presence of our Chairman Ex. MP  Shri H.S. Hanspal,  the Chief Guest Mr. Kumar Abhishek ACPPunjabi Bagh, Guest of Honour  Mr.VijayKr. Singh SHO Kirti Nagar, Members of Management Committee, Principal, VicePrincipal and teachers.  The ceremonystarted with a warm welcome of the Chief Guest as well as Guest of Honour withan indoor plant by our Chairman Mr. H.S. Hanspal, Principal Puja Singhal andVice Principal Mr. Sudhir Kumar Tiwari.

Theinvestiture ceremony started with a school choir presenting a beautifulrendition with inspiring lyrics and some peppy beats by our students apprisingthe way the school parliament will perform their duties after becoming themember of the school parliament.  Afterwhich the newly elected council, Head Boy – Jatinder Singh, Head Girl – SakshiKumari, Deputy Head Boy, Saurabh Sardana, Deputy head Girl Namandeep Kaur,Captains and Prefects of four houses paraded the glorious aisle and receivedtheir badges of pride from the chief guest, guest of honour, our Chairman Sir,Principal Ma’am, Vice Principal Sir, and the Members of the Managing CommitteeSuba Arvind Singh Ji, Sant Mahinder Singh Ji, Sant Ramneek Singh Ji, SantLakhwinder Singh ji, Sr. Jeewanjot singh Ji and Sr. Mahinder Singh Phullar ,House Wardens ,  House Cordinator and theDeputy House Cordinator.  The new leaderspledged to uphold the ideals and ethics of the school and work towards theaccomplishment of its goal.

The Guest ofHonour Vijjay Kr. Singh, SHO Kirti Nagar in his brief address to the studentscongratulated them and advised the girls to be aware of  the Himmat App. which has been made for theirsafety and security. 

The ChiefGuest Kr. Abhishek , ACP Punjabi Bagh in his brief address congratulated thestudents and asked them to have a belief in themselves and to perform theirduties honestly as each of one of them can make a difference. 

Our Chairmanin his brief address congratulated the students and showed his sole desire to see the school as one of the topmostschool of West Delhi.  The students andteachers promised him that with their hard work and dedication and under theguidance of their worthy Principal Mrs. Puja Singhal , they would definitelytake the Bishanian’s banner flying high.





Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Sr. Sec  School organized an Interschool SpeechCompetition on 16May and 17 May 2019. Children from Middle and Senior Segment participated enthusiasticallyand spoke about this global problem, its causes and they also told how we can control this problem and make theworld pollution free world.

The Results of the same is as follow: 


I RANK  :                  KARANJEET SINGH                          VIIA

II RANK :                  DEEPIKA                                         VII A

III RANK :                 ARNAV AYRI                                    VIII B

                                 OMIKA                                            VIII A



 I RANK :KHUSHDEEP KAUR                        IX A

II RANK:  TARANPREET KAUR                      IX A

                 GURKIRAT SINGH                     IXB

IIIRANK   :  ATTAR SINGH                          IXB

                                                                         Poetry Recitation Competition 

Poetry Recitation Competition was organized on 15th and 16th April 2019 for the Primary Sections and on 18th April 2019 for the Middle Sections in the school premises. Children enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, and feeling.  The competition inspired the children to come forward and recite in front of class mates and teachers.

The children came up with different poems on the different topics and recited them with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Students were judged on parameters like confidence, voice and articulation, actions and interpretation and on the overall presentation.

Winners of Poem recitation are :

15/04/2019                I      Avneet Kaur       (class I)

                                  II     Gurman Singh    (Class II)

                                  III    Jivan Kaur         (Class II)

16/04/2019                I       Piara Singh        (ClassIII)

                                 II       Krishna              (Class III)

                                III      Kashish             (Class IV A)

18/04/2019             I       Maneet Kaur      (Class VIII A)

                               II     Kavyansh            (Class VII B)

                               II     Omika Saini        (ClassVIII A)

                              III      Balwant Kaur     (ClassVII A)

                                                                Martyrdom day of Chaar Sahibzaade

Tiny Tots of Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial School  Celebrated The 21st and 26th of December are days that hold very dear memories for Sikhs around the world, for it was on these days in 1705 that the older sahibzade Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh first set off for their heaven abode on the 21st and then on the 26th, as the delicate and tender light of the younger Sahibzade, Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh was cruelly and inhumanely extinguished by the Mughal ruler of Sirhind. 

                                  Chaar Sahib Zadey  Martyrdom  Celebrated by Tiny tots 

 Tiny tots  of Shaheed Bishan SIngh Mememorial Celebrated The sacrifices of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji (tenth guru of Sikhs) - Baba Ajit Singh ji, Baba Jujhar Singh ji, Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji

              International Maths Olympiad

International Maths Olympiad was organised on 4 December 2018 within the school Premises. 71 students from 2nd to 10th class  participated in the Olympiad.

                                                                   Diwali Celebration by Kindergarten

 Eco Friendly Diwali Celebration  celebrated by Kindergarten   by decorating  Diyas and lightning  Diyas .

House Competition  (Computer Quiz)

 Students from different houses Mai Hukami house , Mata Bhupinder kaur house ,Bishan Singh house and Deep Singh house  of Shaheed Bishan Singh School have participated in computer quiz competition and Mai Hukami house won the computer quiz competition. Also quiz was conducted in 6 to 9 and 11 classes in all sections.   


Name of the Students from Mai Hukmi house  are

Bhumika                 IX-A

Khushdeep              VIII-A

Avneet Kaur             XII-A

Prabhleen Kaur         XII-A



Tree Plantation programme was held in Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Sr. Sec .  School on 8th Sept. 2018. Vice Principal teachers , students ,  Office  Staff and helpers  participated .